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Bigger than mini golf.

Can Can Wonderland is proud to be the first arts-based public benefit corporation in Minnesota.

That means with every putt, boozy milkshake, polka dance, ping pong battle, and delicious mini donut devoured, Can Can Wonderland is able to give back and economically support the Minneapolis-St. Paul artist community we love. And for that, we thank you.

New life for an old factory.

Can Can Wonderland isn’t just a fun name to say. It’s also an homage to the origins of this great place. Dating back to 1889, the building was home to the American Can Company, can manufacturer for many notable brands as Carnation, Campbell’s Soup, Del Monte, American National Can and others. In 1999, American Can Company won “Can of the Year” honors for another home state hero — the two-piece Spam can.

We’ll go as far as saying that without the American Can Company, we might not have heard of Andy Warhol. Okay, maybe that’s a stretch. Still a great piece of history to think about when you’re sinking a putt up a pink mastodon’s butt.


755 Prior Avenue North Suite 104
Saint Paul, MN
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Call 651-925-2261



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