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Cream of the Crop Artists Gallery

Cream of the Crop artists and musicians welcome you! Our MN State Fair artists gallery booth is located kitty-corner from The Schell's Stage at Schilling Amphitheater. You'll be "in the Loop" here with fresh picks on artworks daily and the sounds from the stage!

Image: Kp Inspires_Smile

Experience Cream of the Crop

The Cream of the Crop Artists is an online experience showing artworks by artists you’ll see at the Minnesota State Fair in our booth along with with music, entertainment you will recognize from the West End Market or the Leinies Stage. We have an entertainment line-up to celebrate the sounds from the Schell’s Stage. Totally tune-in anytime day or night to hear great tunes, visit artists studios virtually and shop art and merchandise. All the artworks are shipped to your door or arranged for safe pick-up and made by crafters, artists and artisans.

View Experiences

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Shop Art & Music

Find hand crafted unique items made by artists and artisans, plus music and merch from musicians. All the artworks are shipped to your door or picked up with saftey guildlines.

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