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About Cream of the Crop Artists Gallery

We are so excited to bring this unique opportunity to you. Enjoy the ride! See you at the fair!!

Cream of the Crop Artists is a Gallery in the West End market at the Minnesota State Fair. We are creators of wearable sculptures made from river stones and fine metals, we are painters and printmakers making artworks inspired by our journeys. We draw. We build. We sew. We cast. We crochet.

What began five years ago as a friendly art gallery with great art on plywood walls is still that way online. We are No Frills – just Minnesota Nice thrills – so close to the Midway you can hear the screams as you look at amazing artworks from artists with Minnesota roots and from surrounding states.

We pride ourselves for being the Cream of the Crop and downright friendly. Its not hard to do when everyone is here at the fair to celebrate Minnesota’s finest. Whether you are at the booth during the Fair or online here you will get a chance to meet artists and hear the sounds from the West End Market and around the fairgrounds.

Experience Cream of the Crop

We are spoiled daily with great musical entertainment to go with our gallery. On a typical day at the Minnesota State Fair we would hear dozens of different acts and bands starting with a group called the History On-A-Shtick from the Minnesota History Center to bluegrass, fiddler contests and swing time big bands, R&B, rock & roll, rock-a-billy and hip hop.

Pictured below from the Schell’s Stage at the Schilling Amphitheater is The Dave and Deke Combo from a few years back. You’ll catch shows like this one and many other incredible performances while enjoying a great shake from the West End Creamery or a blueberry beer from the Grain Belt Stand.

The Cream of the Crop Holiday Shop is the hip and happening one stop shop for Music and the Arts that makes up of a community of great people. We are artists, artisans, crafters and musicians all unique in their trade with amazing gifts for yourself or others and great entertainment.

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Experience the Music

The bands you’ve heard at the free stages at the fair have performances and more for you to immerse yourself in or listen to while you shop.

View Performances

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Artist Demonstrations & Studio Tours

Artists share how they make their creations in demonstrations and take you on tours of their studio.

View Artist Experiences

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Shop Cream of the Crop

Find hand crafted unique items made by artists and artisans, plus music and merch from musicians

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