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Hi! I’m Nichole and I make fiber art. While I have embroidered for over a decade, lately, I have been creating tufted works using a tufting machine. While not traditional, this tool always me to make larger works of fiber art, faster. The pieces I make are fun, fluffy things and, as such, are meant to be seen and touched! Fiber art is tactile and I believe feeling the art is an important part of the experience. Thanks for tagging along on my art journey.

For works in progress and more, follow me on instagram:  @SuperSexyStitches

~If you have any questions please e-mail me at and I will happily assist~

Special MN State Fair Note: Most of my current inventory is at the Cream of the Crop Artists Booth in the West End Market at the MN State Fair this year! August 25th – September 5th, 2022.



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