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Minnesota native, Betsy Skagen (rhymes with toboggan) is a mixed media artist, writer, craft product designer and the Queen of Snarky Greeting Cards. Betsy has served on national and international design teams for the craft industry and is a member of the Association for Creative Industries.

Betsy uses an eclectic mixture of layered mixed-media painting, ink, gelli-printmaking, collage and–for her greeting cards–re-purposing mid-century graphics into something far different than their original intent.

This summer, Betsy and her multiracial family, moved from Saint Paul to a home deep in the forest of Minnesota’s Great White North. The culture change of moving from urban to rural in the middle of a pandemic and a divisive election year has been making its way into Betsy’s art. And while her heart will always belong to the Twin Cities, she has unexpectedly fallen in love with the sensory experience of living amid rolling hills, pine trees and sparkling blue lakes.



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