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Join Cream of the Crop Artists Gallery

If you’d like to be included in our shop, please contact us to inquire first!

Then, you can register here. The basics:

Questions? Contact us!

How to Register

To register for a profile on Cream of the Crop Artists’ Gallery, you will first complete this form, and then pay for your registration. Upon completing this form, the registration fee will be added to your shopping cart and you will be directed to check out.

After you have paid, you can set up your remaining profile information. When you’re ready to be published or if you need a hand, contact us.

Profiles and products are subject to review and approval by Cream of the Crop Artists Gallery, who reserves the right to decline inclusion of any content.

  • If set, this will display as your primary profile name, and your first/last name will be secondary.
  • Address will be listed on your profile page, and should be included if you are offering curbside pickup. Otherwise this field is optional and you could include just city and state if you like.
  • Select up to 3.

  • Include any FINAL/PUBLISHED online experience content, such as studio tours, interviews, and performances.

    For each piece of content, include a title, optional description, and a link to the content (e.g. a YouTube video) for any experience(s) you'd like to have included on the website.

    It's OK if you don't have final videos yet – you should still complete this form, and your experience content can be added later.

    If you are looking for help creating video content from your raw video, contact Genie for help working with the videographer.



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