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Sample Page for Testing

This sample page is being used to test out the orange gingham background option.

You should note that the text on the orange gingham has a white glow for readability, and to look like the logo treatment in the video.

Also, on the plywood textures, the text (and logo in the footer) have more of this glow, though not as much as the orange gingham. We can adjust the amounts if need be.

Just a Color Block

It seemed we should have something before another hunk of orange gingham.

Image: orange-gingham

Full-Image Feature Example

This is an option. Though we haven’t been using this type of feature, and we don’t get the drop-shadow at the edges like a half-image feature.

More Buffer Space

What’s blue look like next to the orange gingham?

Image: IMG_0040 2

Half-Image Feature Example

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