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I create large abstract paintings that are printed on paper through a traditional printing press. I begin each painting by drawing with a lithography crayon onto a large Plexiglas plate. Through the process of mixing the colors of inks, I create an energetic painting. The completed painting on the plate is placed on the bed of the press, a damped sheet of paper is placed on top of the plate, the felts are placed on top of the paper. I then run the print through the printing press. Most recently, I am a member of Northstar Printmakers Studio in Northeast Minneapolis and create many of my larger Monotypes at MCAD.

I create a silkscreened series of bra prints that bring together community with those who are drawn to them and share their story. The affordability for folks to collect original prints is a concept I really enjoy! I am so thrilled to be part of the fantastic artists community in Northeast Minneapolis and member of NEMAA.  I enjoy my hometown community and it is those amazing people there including my family who have encouraged me to do what I LOVE.



Nor En Inc. Spirit Seller Liquors – Hudson
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