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Thanks for visiting! My name is Alex and I’m an artist who lives and works in St. Paul. From 9-5, I’m an admin assistant. That being said, I’m the first to admit that I don’t feel right unless I’m creating art. I’m a mixed-media artist with special interests in collage, photography, screen printing, and painting. The colors, products, and stories found in 1950/60s women’s magazines are my biggest inspiration. In these publications, themes of family, home life, and beauty are ever present—These themes make frequent appearances in my work. I have formal training in studio art but my work shifted when I made the conscious effort to make my work more accessible: Like music on the radio, great color and design should be an integral part of our everyday lives. Let’s WEAR it. Let’s SURROUND ourselves with it. Art is essential. Follow my artistic adventures on Instagram at @theartofaprince!

Questions? Email me at (If you don’t hear from me within 48 hours of an email, please send a text to 508-942-2013. Sometimes things get shuffled weird in my inbox!)

**If you choose FLAT RATE SHIPPING:
Orders are shipped as soon as possible (usually within a week of purchase) but may take up to 3 weeks depending upon product inventory, volume of orders, etc.

**If you choose CURBSIDE PICKUP:

The timing of order shipment, deliveries, and curbside pick-ups is dependent upon product inventory, volume of orders, etc. Thank you for your patience and understanding. A huge THANKS for supporting my art!



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